The following will answer questions you have about how Anthem is protecting your identity with services from AllClear ID. For the latest information from Anthem about the cyber attack, please visit:

Anthem is providing you with 24 months of identity protection services. If you need identity repair assistance, the team at AllClear ID is ready and standing by to assist you. You are automatically eligible to receive this service. No action is required on your part to enroll in these services. If a problem arises, simply call 1-877-263-7995 and a dedicated investigator will do the work to recover financial losses, restore your credit, and make sure your identity is returned to its proper condition.

For additional protection, and at no cost, affected U.S. individuals may also enroll in the AllClear PRO service at any time during your coverage period. This service includes credit monitoring and an identity theft insurance policy. To request a redemption code to enroll in these services visit:


Who is AllClear ID?

AllClear ID is the leader in customer security and identity protection. We back our products and services with the best support in the industry, which is reflected in our 97% customer satisfaction rating and 15 international awards. Our innovative approach puts you first and ensures that you have easy access to identity repair services. Our clients included world-renowned brands and large government organizations who trust AllClear ID to take extra care of their customers after a data breach.